Manicure and Pedicure Salon

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Euphoria offers a wide range of manicure options to you. You can avail all-herbal manicure that helps you de-stress by letting out the tension from your nerves using organic products. Turn your skin white from dull or tanned skin. Bid a bye to unevenly tanned skin with our special manicures.

Facing dry hands? No worries. we pamper you with an intense moisturising manicure. We have a specially made mixture to turn into soft and beautiful hands.

Euphoria also provides other add-on packages such as a paraffin pack that helps in promoting blood flow, loosens your muscles, and elevates skin feasibility.


Relieve and detox your entire body by releasing tension in your feet.

At Euphoria, we specialise in various types of pedicures. Get a radiant pedicure that is best suited for tanned feet. It lightens tans and blemishes, and obviously, it makes you feel relaxed. Is there anyone here with dry feet?

You are welcome to soak your feet in a specially-made moisturising mixture to get rid of dryness. Spa pedicures are always a crowd-puller and are made up of organic pedicure elements such as vitamins and nutrients that help to soothe your nerves and leave you completely relaxed. Get that pedicure in every aspect of your life.

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 Reflexology helps maintain your health from within, which brings great vitality to your skin. Take a new birth at Euphoria with every gentle pressure we apply to your feet.

Our reflexologists apply gentle pressure to your feet with their hands, using specific techniques without any external factors like oil and lotion. This treatment restores your energy and refreshes you so that you can reign supreme.

Detach the stress with foot repairing reflexology.

Threading & Waxing

We are always keen to ensure that our clients are having a smooth and pleasurable experience in each service they undergo, in such a way Euphoria is always a pro in accomplishing it.

Your threading services involve considering your facial lines and the style that suits you. Get picture-perfect brows.
Smoothy and soothing skin is always a goal to achieve. So here at Euphoria, we give you painless waxing. Wax it to the max.

Get an “All set for Party” look with the comfort of our experts!

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nail salon bangalore

Nail Art

 Your nails speak a lot more than your words. Stand out with our unique designs and get your nails decorated with our experts at Euphoria.

Nails are more appealing than your outfit, so schedule a canvassing appointment with your nails.