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One of the most serious issues we face in our day-to-day lives is hair and skin-related problems. We, at Euphoria Clinic, offer various forms of services that act as a ray of hope for all your hair and skin-related issues. Around 40 percent of both male and female adults are facing hair loss problems in their 30s. Other than your hair, there are other factors like eyebrows, eyelashes, lip shades, etc. Here we are concerned with high-end technologies for the best and maximum results.

Skin Treatments

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Skin whitening & Dull Skin Treatments

Get rid of Dark spots and other signs of ageing. We are here to provide you with the most advanced skin whitening treatments that can be customised as per your skin type and texture. Achieve clearer and smoother skin with Euphoria’s skin treatments, you can’t find a better way to shed all your skin-related problems. Get a brighter and healthier glow with Euphoria clinic

Acne Treatment

All sorts of pimple and acne scars can be eradicated with us, our experts at euphoria clearly examines all sorts of problems related to acne. Advanced treatments might help you to get your skin back again to its natural state.

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Laser Hair Removal

Remove hair at ease, Euphoria’s non-invasive laser treatment will give you smooth skin by removing your unwanted hair permanently from all parts of your body. Painless hair removal is being practiced in our Euphoria Clinic.

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Hair Treatments

Scalp Micro-pigmentation treatment in bangalore

Scalp Micro-pigmentation

 If you have hair thinning, pattern baldness, or any other type of hair problem, it’s time to consider scalp micropigmentation. At Euphoria, scalp micropigmentation is a treatment where the follicles are filled with pigments that help restore the look of fuller hair. It causes no harm to the existing hair and also gives a fuller look. Scalp micropigmentation is non-invasive and gives an immediate result that helps to hide hair loss.

PRP Pro +

PRP is nothing but Platelet Rich plasma. where the plasma is injected to heal affected areas and revive damaged cells. This treatment helps to regain the lost hair. It reverses hair fall and also treats the existing hairs as well. It comprises a natural formula used to thicken your hair strands, This is absolutely non-surgical.

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Meso therapy

Ever heard about Alopecia? It is the most common cause of adult hair loss. Mesotherapy can be used to treat this issue and eliminate it. It contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that stimulate your hair follicles, restoring and revitalising your strands. It also arrests further hair loss and boosts your scalp. It has a
high success rate, is non-invasive, and increases your hair volume. Reactivate your hair growth.

Oxygen Laser Therapy

It is also known as OLT. This process includes using a low-level laser in a cool state to improve blood circulation in your scalp. This therapy aids in the investigation of dihydrotestosterone because of the increase in blood flow that controls hair loss. It helps increase the width of your hair. The dermal papilla layer plays a vital role in your hair growth. As a result, this OLT improves blood flow and nutrition levels in the targeted areas. Maintains the pH level of your scalp.

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Permanent Make-up

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Micro blading

Eyebrows are the index of the face. It is very important to have perfect brows. Women are always fascinated by and want to keep their brows in shape. Microblading acts as a ray of hope, where pigments are implanted in the layers of the skin to exhibit the natural eyebrows. Microblading at Euphoria gives you a fuller and denser look, and it won’t stop your natural growth.

Eyelash lift and extension

It is the procedure where your eyelash lift can alter the shape of your lashes by rolling them upwards and lifting each individual lash. If you are facing sparse growth, lash extensions help to increase the length and density of your eyelashes. It is a non-surgical treatment that can help you achieve a more natural and fuller appearance. Get immediate results.

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Lip Micropigmentation

Not only the roses but your lips are also meant to be red. If you are facing issues like dark lips, pigmented lips, or an irregular lipline, put an end to them with lip micro pigmentation. mild invasion to achieve your desired lip colour. It has a more natural finish, gives you instant results, and ends with a brighter look.  

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